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April 21, 2017 Cassee Cunningham
The buying process is tough right now for.  Buyers are having to deal with multiple offers, , paying over market value, listings going under contract within minutes or before going active… it’s a battle. I know because I’m right beside you every step of the way.
If you that are in or have recently gone through buying a home in Charlotte you don’t need any explanation; for those of you thinking about starting the process let me explain and share some things I have learned that may help.
  1. Get your battle plan in order.
  2. Secure a strong pre-qualification from your lender.  The more information requested from your lender for your pre-qualification letter i.e. financials, credit checks, tax returns, the better.  You will need to produce all of this information for your loan anyway.
  3. Go out buying armed with a confident house budget, robust pre-qualification letter and the loan product of your choice. It is best to decide on your lending product i.e. FHA, conventional, etc. prior to placing offers. You will need to disclose basic loan information on offers.  Sellers appreciate clarity on your loan intentions.
  4. Explore neighborhoods, go to open houses, and most importantly,have your agent set up a search through your local MLS.
  5. Have a list of your wants, needs & deal breakers. Make sure if you everyone is on the same page
It’s never too early to start your search;   Buyers that I’m just beginning to meet with may think they are not ready to tempt themselves with looking if they are not within a few months of buying.  When you are trigger ready to buy you should already have a great idea of where you want to live, the kind of home you want to live in, and be aware of the pace of the market.  Knowing how quickly things move before you enter into the process prepares you mentally for how quickly you need to strike if you see something you like.
Last, don’t let this market get in your head.  When you find a home that you like, take a deep breathe and place your offer. Your agent will know the comps and will discuss with you the implications of going over asking. If you are in a multiple offer situation know how high you are willing to go to buy the home.  If you loose the battle doesn’t matter. Shake it off and get back out there you will win the home buying war.
Would love to hear home buying stories and words of advice.