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The New School Assignment Deal for CMS

The New School Assignment Deal for CMS
May 4, 2017 Cassee Cunningham
Home owners, potential sellers, and buyers alike need to be aware of the Charlotte Board of Education’s multi-phase plan that will shift student assignment.  Student assignment refers to where a student receives their education.  According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education:
“As a district, we want every student to achieve at the highest levels so that all students graduate ready for the next step. How well we educate students is directly linked to their subsequent opportunities and economic mobility, which affects the overall prosperity of our community. However, it must be acknowledged that this process of student assignment is only one part of a community-wide responsibility to our children. Concentrations of poverty created by segregated housing patterns in our community complicate this work. These housing patterns are beyond our control. Student assignment can address them but not resolve them because ending concentrations of poverty is a community responsibility.”
This could directly impact the schools within your community.  Regardless of whether you have a child in the Char-Meck school system or not, you should be aware of the schools that relate to your address, as well as, neighborhood.  This is relevant for if you plan to move to a new neighborhood or you plan on selling.
I am providing the full plan for the CMS Student Plan. It’s long and complicated but good to reference. It is not policy yet, but a plan in progress.
Would love to hear any information or opinions you may have on this proposal.