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I come to Charlotte, NC by way of a long colorful journey.

My search for adventure has allowed me to live in amazing places – from the coastal shores of calm Kodiak, Alaska to the dynamic beaches of Miami, Florida. I’ve discovered along the way that every place has a soul – you just gotta find it.

My one rule in moving to a new city is simple: Live within walking or biking distance to a great cup of coffee and a cold brew. I’ve learned from experience that those “essentials” go hand in hand with music venues, local artists and a creative culture. And some pretty darn cute houses too! That rule has never steered me wrong in finding great communities and fun, useful resources within a walk or bike ride from my home.

I understand that living near the places that matter most to you is important when looking for a home. Drop me a line today, and let’s get started!

— Cassee Cunningham

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Cassee Cunningham
Broker, REALTOR®