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Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall
March 23, 2017 Cassee Cunningham
Have you heard of the 100+ year old mill in Optimist Park that’s going to be turned into a dining, retail, and office space? Tompkins Hall is coming and expected to have tenants moving in during the later part of 2017. It will feature 20,000 sq ft of food hall, 80,000 sq ft of office space, and 35,000 sq ft additional restaurant/retail space. It’ll be located at the corner of E 16th St and where N Brevard St meets Parkwood Ave. This is an amazing location with beautiful skyline views.


7th St. Market does so well as a food hall, that this new establishment will definitely fair well. It’s location is perfect walking distance for some people as well as a quick bike ride or drive from neighborhoods like NoDa. In the future, Cross Charlotte Trail of the Light Rail will stop in the project giving a great option for others to easily reach the hall. The neighborhood of Optimist park has such great homes with character like 1920s-40s bungalows.


There is something for everyone here. It’ll be a place to work, eat, shop, or just be a part of the community. Check out the floor plan and renderings of what the future has in store!




What sorts of things do you hope to see in Tompkins Hall?