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Why your house isn’t selling

Why your house isn’t selling
May 31, 2018 wayjamesmarketing


I know. You thought now would be the perfect time to sell your house. How could you go wrong? Low inventory. Prime spring selling season. But something did go wrong. Your house, your beloved house has just been sitting there!

You aren’t alone. One report estimates about 42 percent of homes on the market today are considered undesireable by the buying public.

So what’s a homeowner to do?

Fortunately for you, I have helped many a homeowner ‘right the ship’ by changing a few relatively inexpensive things.

Priced out! If your home is too expensive compared to others in the area it could raise buyer expectations that your home simply can’t live up to. Work with your agent and listen to their advice when it comes to pricing your homes based on sold comparables or as we say in the biz, comps.

Poor curb appeal: Not everyone has vision and can look beyond the overgrown bushes and dead plants you have sitting on the front porch.  Make sure your lawn looks inviting. They have to get inside the home before they can love it. Many people assume that if the outside isn’t taken care of neither is the inside so they could walk in already on the lookout for trouble.

Giant dogs or loud pets. Not everyone is an animal person. A barking dog or a noisy bird can annoy some buyers. If you can manage it, keep your pets out of site when you have showings so your potential buyers don’t get freaked out. People who get freaked out inside a home for any reason tend not to buy it.

Anything that looks or smells remotely like water damage. A funny spot on the ceiling? Streaks on the walls? A damp smell in the basement? Any of those can send would-be homebuyers running for the door. Water can be an expensive problem and most homeowners don’t want expensive problems.

Bad smells/odors. Ok I’ve mentioned smell twice so I think it should have its own category. Look, there is a reason people recommend using candles or baking cookies to sell a home. Smoking, pets, and trash smells are off-putting. Smoke outside if you have to until your home sells. Open some windows and let the house air out (the weather is perfect for that right now).

Dirt and Décor: I know you are busy trying to move but keep your house clean during the process. More and more people are looking for move in ready homes. Packing and moving is exhausting enough just thinking about it. Who wants to worry about cleaning when you get there? Now décor isn’t a huge issue unless your home is super cluttered, boring, or outdated. If you aren’t sure, ask your realtor (hint hint: one with staging experience is a bonus cough cough) if any of the faux paus are serious enough to warrant attention.

And finally, this one is a BIGGIE.

Bad house photos: In this day and age, most people search houses online before they decide to see it in person. Poorly lit, unprofessional photos with people in the background or showing all your clutter isn’t the way you want your house to be seen. Work with a realtor who takes this part seriously.

See, none of that is so bad. So get on it and let’s get that house sold – and if you’re in need of some help – I know a girl…

But seriously, I’m always looking for a new challenge and have some great ideas for your house!