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I’m making big moves!

I’m making big moves!
June 21, 2018 wayjamesmarketing

Hear ye, Hear ye! I have a major announcement to make.  I, Cassee Cunningham am now part of the 5 Points Team. I am so proud and excited that I thought about screaming it from the top of the Bank of America building so everyone could hear but I’m pretty sure that would get me arrested so I opted for making the announcement on this blog.

OK I’m being a little silly but it is a big deal for me to move over to 5 Points Realty. Initially, I fell in love with 5 Points through shared real estate transactions. I always knew that if a 5 Points broker was on the other side of a transaction that it was going to go well.  That mutual respect launched conversations that would eventually turn into a move for me. 

Although 5 Points is a small real estate company and doesn’t have the marketing engine that other real estate firms may have, they are tops when it comes to company culture. Over the years, I just assumed all real estate companies had, at best, a clique culture. In my experience, it was hard to find widespread acceptance within a company. I was starting to believe it was next to impossible for a real estate broker to find a real estate “heart home”  until I found the 5 Points crew. What a great bunch of guys! 

5 Points realty proved all my old assumptions not to be true. Owners Michael Doney, Edwin Wilson and Charlie Miller have put their energy into making fertile ground for their brokers to feel supported, comfortable and yes I’ll say it, loved.  But it’s not just about me. Having a heart home makes me a waayyyy better broker for my clients. 

While the core of 5 Points as a business is solid and beautiful, the Owners recognize the need to dust off and energize the outside. That means means marketing baby, and that’s where I come in. 

The plan is easy!  All we have to do is tell 5 Points untold and unrecognized story.  Starting with the individual brokers of 5 points. These brokers are some of the most experienced in the business. Truly, they come from amazing varied backgrounds and know Charlotte’s vibe like no others.  The owners are known within Charlotte real estate circles as creative think out of the box kind of guys. Simply put they are cool people that do really cool stuff.  Chances are if you’ve seen a eye-popping MCM renovation, amazing efficient modern build, a colorful urban bungalow, or a funky commercial re-use you have seen the work of 5 Points’ Owners. 

The team is humble about the part they play in Charlotte real estate, but 5 Points realty is about to burst!  The secret is going to get out about this stellar team.

I can’t wait to get started.  Follow the progress and watch this company’s marketing metamorphosis. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to utilize their real estate services right now! They are the BEST! Have I made that clear enough?

They also have 2 different offices in town to choose from. I will be working out of the Plaza office.  All kinds of cool stuff is going to happen with that office space too, but I’ll let that be a teaser for full post for later.