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Color Me Happy – Seeing Fall Foliage Around Charlotte

Color Me Happy – Seeing Fall Foliage Around Charlotte
October 17, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

fall foliageAccording to all the weather forecasters, fall foliage is at its peak in the mountains and is creeping its way toward the Charlotte area!

In an article in the Charlotte Observer about the abundance of color in NC, Howard Neufeld, also known as “The Fall Color Guy,” says: “Down here in the southern Appalachians, we have up to 120 different tree species, maybe 125 in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, that’s the highest tree diversity in the United States. We have a lot more potential for a diversity of color down here.”

He continues: “The other thing in North Carolina is the incredible elevation gradient. We’ve got the highest point in the Eastern U.S. at Mount Mitchell and the second tallest in Clingman’s Dome; then you go all the way down to Charlotte where you’re only 750 feet above sea level. The fall colors start earlier at the higher elevation – it gets colder sooner there – and you can watch this wave of color move down the mountains at about 1,000 feet every week to 10 days. That means our fall colors can be spread out over a month and a half whereas in New England it’s about a two-week period; then it’s gone.” has a great fall color report that’s updated weekly.  Per this report, this should be a great week to visit Mount Pisgah and Grandfather Mountain to take in the beauty of North Carolina’s fall foliage.  Grandfather Mountain even has a guided walk series called  “The Colors of Grandfather” which will last be offered on October 19 and 20.  Biltmore is another great place to take in the fall foliage, but it won’t peak for another couple of weeks.

Another great resource for checking out the fall color is’s Mountain Foliage Report and Piedmont Foliage Reports.  Depending on how far you want to drive to see the colors of fall, these reports tell you what’s going on from the high country to right here in your own back yard!

Charlotte as a city and North Carolina as a state are always beautiful, but when nature ups the ante as she does this time of year, be sure not to miss it!  Get out there and take in all the fall has to offer!