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Eat Your Veggies at NoDa Produce Marketplace

Eat Your Veggies at NoDa Produce Marketplace
July 26, 2012 Cassee Cunningham

The newest spot for fresh produce is NoDa Produce MarketPlace, at 2320 North Davidson Street, across from Amelie’s. As a resident of NoDa I was so pleased to see some fresh produce come to our neck of the woods.  They are just getting started and will be adding more inventory.  It’s an indoor location, in the same building at Peddler’s Post. They sell locally grown, organic, and conventionally grown produce. It’s all clearly labelled so you can tell what’s organic and what isn’t. I’ve heard about the great peaches they have right now. Soon they’ll be offering workshops on natural and DIY topics, including bee keeping.

Check it out, and eat your veggies.


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