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National Attention Focused On Charlotte Bakery Amelie’s

National Attention Focused On Charlotte Bakery Amelie’s
April 30, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

amelies bakery noda villa heights cassie cunninghamBuzzfeed is the know-it-all of the Internet. The site, founded in 2006, features news, quizzes, video and more that fills the Facebook feeds of the best of us. And in one of their recent “listicles” (the name of an article written as a list) shared around the ‘net, they ranked Charlotte-based Amelie’s as one of the 23 Bakeries Around The World You Need To Eat At Before You Die!

Ranked #17, the listicle says of Amelie’s flagship location: “It’s open 24/7/365, and they have anything you could ever imagine. The atmosphere is great too!” (Buzzfeed lists the flagship as being in NoDa, but if we want to be correct, it’s really in Villa Heights.)

Anyone who’s had one of the salted caramel brownies, a macaron or a petit four from our local French bakery knows Amelie’s earned its national ranking honestly. When you throw in the quirky artwork and decorations or the outstanding coffee, tea and apple cider drinks, you begin to wonder why it’s not ranked higher!

Though the uptown “petite” location closed in November, you can also find Amelie’s locations in Downtown Rock Hill and soon in South Charlotte at Carmel Commons, as well as in Atlanta. Note that not all locations are open 24/7.

If amazing treats call your name day and night, a home in NoDa or Villa Heights near Amelie’s may be just what you need! Let’s explore the neighborhood together and find your dream home with Amelie’s right in your backyard!