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The Facts on Fat City

The Facts on Fat City
June 18, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

fat city charlotte cassie cunninghamOver the weekend, I was asked if I knew the origins of the Fat City name after I posted some photos on Facebook of a listing I’ve got coming up in NoDa’s Fat City Lofts. I didn’t know the history of the spot. But after some Googling and a few phone calls and emails, I’ve got the facts on Fat City!

K.C. Terry opened Fat City Deli in spring of 1995 at the corner of N. Davidson Street and 35th Street.  From Davidson Street it appeared as 3 storefronts, however the leftmost building was abandoned and the middle storefront was just a facade when Fat City opened. The pit area behind the back side of the wall was used as a stage setting and Fat City sponsored outdoor performances of all kinds.  To the right was the full building that housed the deli.

Fat City quickly became well known for it’s tasty but inexpensive food, as well as for the music acts it drew at night, which ran the musical gamut.  Many Charlotteans were first exposed to NoDa while eating or seeing a show at Fat City.

In 2003, NoDa was changing, and Fat City was sold to a developer to create a mixed use building. As part of the approval for the project, the developer agreed to keep the original wall and facade and to keep the name. The developer did attempt to preserve the wall, but unfortunately, it collapsed during a windstorm. So the yellow wall with the Fat City name is not the original but instead a replica built as a tribute. The purple portions of brick walls now standing are representations of the the other two buildings that were removed to make way for the condos.

Just like its namesake, Fat City Lofts is located in the heart of NoDa. These modern industrial lofts have a  warehouse-inspired design. Amenities include controlled-access entry, floor-to-ceiling windows, iron staircases, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and plenty of natural light.

If you’re ready to take up residence on the site of a piece of Charlotte history, give me a call and let’s check out Fat City Lofts together!