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Do People Live in Midtown Charlotte?

Do People Live in Midtown Charlotte?
March 3, 2016 Cassee Cunningham

charlotte skyline charlotte realtor cassie cunninghamEarlier this week, I saw an article on Charlotte Agenda entitled “Here’s what I told a friend about each of the neighborhoods in Charlotte” by Kylie Moore. Naturally, my realtor brain kicked in and I thought, “This could be interesting.” So I clicked the link to read.

When I saw the entry for Midtown, I had to laugh that Kylie’s description of the area in three words was “People live here?” I mean, in one sense, she’s right. There are condos above some of the retail areas of The Metropolitan, but most of the real housing options are in neighboring areas like Cherry, Elizabeth, Myers Park and Dilworth.

But just because there’s not really a lot of housing right in Midtown Charlotte doesn’t mean it’s not a walkable area! The Little Sugar Creek Greenway connects these neighborhoods in an amazing way. Once you’re at The Metropolitan, everything you need is within steps. Trader Joe’s is there for groceries. Best Buy, Target, Marshall’s and other boutiques are there for your home and clothing needs. And the restaurants and bars in The Metropolitan offer great food and drink options – Pisces, Vivace, Pizzeria Omaggio, Dressler’s, Which Wich, Zoe’s Kitchen, Hickory Tavern and more. And who could forget the live music on the outdoor stage during spring and summer!

If you want to live near Midtown Charlotte, give me a call! We can explore your neighborhood options and find the perfect home for you!