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SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE: The Sandwich Shop you can’t miss!

SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE: The Sandwich Shop you can’t miss!
August 24, 2018 wayjamesmarketing

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by the kind of businesses that are there.

I’ve said it before. I am a big supporter of local businesses. To me, they have a lot to do with the vibe of any neighborhood.

Take Sandwich Max for instance. This is my favorite place to grab lunch in the Elizabeth neighborhood. It looks pretty typical for a strip mall business from the outside.  It’s in the Dollar General strip mall. You know a place is good when they’ve been around nearly 30 years.

The vibe is laid back but not slack. There is an artfulness to the decor and in how they create their sandwiches…  but it’s not pretentious. There is heart.  There is a good energy there between the owner and the staff.  I love it when you can feel that everyone working is actually happy to be there! It tends to put me in a good mood.

I eat there about twice a week.  My husband and I like to go on the weekends because it’s right around the corner from our house. My go to: Turkey and cheese, standard, with pickels, no mayo. 

I mean, come on. Look at that picture. Each layer is the perfect amount!

I find it hard to believe my favorite sandwich isn’t even in the top three most popular sandwiches. The Italian holds the top spot. Followed by Maxed out (Bologna, Cappicola, Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Turkey Breast and Cheese) and the Pressed TCB which stands for Turkey Cordon Blue.

Like most kids, Owner Max Nicholson (do you get the name now? Sandwich Max?! He’s a clever guy.), learned how to make a great sandwich from his parents. They are actually in the sandwich-making deli business too!  I bet the sandwiches at his house were totally better than the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I grew up with(no offense mom!).

Doesn’t he look like a nice guy? He is! (and he has a cool menu on the wall behind him) Max is also the owner of Charlotte Pedicabs and the father of two boys. The boys are among the featured local artists in the shop. Their work hangs on the wall alongside street art found around town.

The owner and staff are big bicyclists. My old neighbor even works there delivering sandwiches.  Yes, they deliver and cater. Trust me, these sandwiches are better than any other platter full of sandwiches you’d get at a company meeting.

Sandwich Max is everything you’d want for lunch. It is wayyyyy (yes, 5 y’s worth of way) better than any sandwich chain. They make a mean fresh sandwich, it’s locally owned and they are just really nice guys.  That is a winning combination in my book.

So ride your bike there. Walk up one day for lunch or grab a bite to eat one weekend and check it out for yourself. Your stomach will be glad you did.