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Charlotte Designer in National Spotlight

Charlotte Designer in National Spotlight
November 1, 2020 Allison Andrews

I met Toby Witte about 6 years back.  His eye for design is unique in Charlotte and frankly started the modern building trend.  I work with his clients that are moving to Charlotte from all over the Country to find lots to start their own WitteHaus project.  

One of his creations was recently spotlighted in the national blog Archello. It’s a home that had one requirement as he said, “Make it show.” That he did. 

With a budget that may have restricted other designers,  due to a large portion of it going to purchase the lot in Dilworth. Witte created a unique C shaped structure for the living space.

The acquisition of land/lots is becoming more challenging, especially within the 485 beltway that surrounds Charlotte.  Toby and his clients are competing with huge developers with deep pockets, high-density building, subdivisions that restrict and limit types of building, and lack of inventory which drives prices up.  With that said,  Toby always has a way to make it work.  

  • Instead of an expensive steel frame, Witte used engineered wood beams. 
  • On the first floor is a home office, guest rooms, storage and the garage.
  • On the second floor is space for the couples daily life. 

In the back of the home is a fully functioning independent apartment located above the 2-car garage. 

Part of Witte’s appeal is that his design aesthetic takes in consideration how we live today.  In fact,  he was way ahead of the work from home/flex space trend.  Every house that Toby builds incorporates spaces that can be absorbed into the greater house square footage or closed off to be its own separate space for rental, office/working, extra family space.  He does this in a way that is subtle and seamless.  

For this home in particular, Witte created public living spaces on the left and private sleeping quarters on the right connecting both with an open foyer and catwalk.

As for what Witte calls the showpiece of the home, you can see that here! 

I have had more activity on Toby’s properties, as far as raw interest, than any other properties I have represented as a listing agent.  As a stager, it is a thrill to stage one of Witte’s homes.

Charlotte is lucky to have such a modern, innovative designer building homes that combine master architecture with art. His work makes homes stand out… in the best possible way.