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7 Home selling features in a post COVID-world

7 Home selling features in a post COVID-world
June 22, 2020 Allison Andrews

If social distancing is here to stay for awhile then sellers may start adding specific features to their wish lists, home renovations, and new home designs. The way our lives have changed during the days of quarantine are indications of some of the home selling features that might become trends as people move forward with a new way of living and thinking when it comes to their family’s safety. 

A designated workspace:

One of the lasting effects of the stay at home order is likely to be companies continuing to have employees work from home at least periodically. While corners of rooms and dining rooms tables have become makeshift offices. It isn’t a long term solution.

A BIG Pantry:

All it takes is just buzz about a possible shutdown and grocery stores start running out of stuff as people flock to stock up. People may be looking for more storage for non-perishable food items to reduce the number of trips to the store.

Mudrooms/drop zones:

The reason: Deliveries can be made contact-free, away from living areas. Some people already take off their shoes before entering a house but that may become a more common practice after study that shows the coronavirus can cling to the bottom of shoes and be tracked inside. Mudrooms with extra storage and even a small sink could be more appealing than ever.

Mother-in-law suites:

One of the hardest parts of quarantine for many people was being apart from family. Mother-in-law suites typically offer more than just an extra bedroom and bathroom. Second living spaces also offer an option if a family member needs to be quarantined. 

Hands-free anything:

Light switches, faucets, even voice control operated windows and thermostats could be in the home of the future as people become more concerned about touching too many surfaces. 

Upgrade outdoor spaces:

When you can’t go anywhere else, you go outside, as we saw time and time again during quarantine. Creating a nice space to have a drink or eat or even watch a movie outside is already more important to people now, especially in case a surge in the virus would bring back stay in place restrictions. Of course, there are some simple things that can upgrade the space you already have.

Extra bathrooms:

Extra bathrooms for guests or an infected family member would reduce the risk of spreading the virus. And since hand washing is a matter of necessity, home builders may start installing more half baths near a home’s entrance.

As a real estate broker and stager, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Remember life before the open concept was a thing?  There’s no doubt that the coronavirus era has significantly impacted the way we work, learn, travel, and live. Chances are it’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future. So if we all have to spend more time at home, why not add a few features to make being there all the more enjoyable.