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What to do with kids at home this summer

What to do with kids at home this summer
July 13, 2020 Allison Andrews

Summer is upon us but not everyone is ready to jump back into the usual swing of things with the typical gusto of a carefree few months. With COVID restrictions changing frequently, cases spiking and parents unsure of what’s next, parents need some stay at home or at least stay nearby options for keeping kids busy when going to the pool or hitting the beach isn’t an option!

Summer classes and camps.

Many schools, colleges, and museums have summer classes or camps… and this summer, many of those are shifting to online options. That means you can take a camp in Charlotte or somewhere else in the world, like these! 

Get cooking. 

Cooking is a great way to make memories with your child. The problem is after 4 months in lockdown, many moms and dads are OVER all the cooking. In the beginning of quarantine it was fun to cook with the kids but now maybe not so much.  Chef Alyssa normally runs a very popular kids camp but during the COVID pandemic it’s going virtual! So take a break moms and let an expert handle it! 

Host a neighborhood scavenger hunt. 

It’s true, I love any reason to get out and walk around your neighborhood.

This idea gets the kids out of the house but still allows for social distancing. Write items found on your street on index cards. For example, an oak tree, a fire hydrant, and a red door. Then take your kids on a walk and see who can find the items first. Your child’s teacher will love you are reinforcing reading skills and your child won’t have any idea.

Be a tourist in your town. 

Maybe there is an attraction or free things you are comfortable doing with safety precautions. Create a memory book and have your children write down what they experience.

Reading clubs.

Many libraries have summer reading clubs where kids can earn points or prizes for books read. You could create a similar idea with a limited number of kids in the neighborhood.

Create a summer calendar.

It’s always helpful to get everyone on the same page. Take turns as a family adding things to the family calendar you want to get done or do in the coming weeks. Schedule special outings and fun at home days where there are no chores.

Celebrate boredom.

Kids need a little downtime and after all the craziness of the last few months, so do mom and dad. This is one summer parents don’t need to fret over cries of ‘I’m bored.’

This summer is most certainly going to look different from other summers in every way. Even if you choose to take a family vacation don’t expect it to feel the same. No matter the situation, just keep one thing in mind. Everyone is doing the best they can given the extreme circumstances. Tempers may flare with the heat. Everyone’s tolerance for what works is different. Be kind. Be respectful and be a good neighbor. It will make the summer more enjoyable for everyone!