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The real value of outdoor spaces

The real value of outdoor spaces
May 11, 2020 Allison Andrews

It’s so beautiful outside.  I think this has been the prettiest Spring in recent memory or maybe we’ve all just slowed down enough to notice it more. With the Stay at Home order that has been in place,  the gorgeous weather has beckoned all of us to our yards, gardens, patios, balconies, decks, and porches. It reminds us how important being outside is and reveals the real value of outdoor spaces.

It’s sublime to languish on a lovely lazy day amongst the birds and bees. With just a little attention to detail, you can create a cozy extension of your home and add to the livability of the property. Outdoor spaces can be used to entertain your family (and friends when they can actually come over to visit again) or, in this lockdown especially… escape your family.

Define the space: You don’t need a big space to create a little outdoor oasis. Privacy features like retaining walls, railing, outdoor planters, trees or even all-weather drapes or shades are great ways to help define the space.

A special treat is being outside and protected from the weather at the same time like a deep covered porch or a screened porch.  If you don’t have a permanent roof, add a little shade in other ways… giant umbrellas, mature trees, retractable awnings, and pergolas.

Make sure the furniture is comfortable. Looking good isn’t enough! No one wants to spend time on stiff seats. Many of the new styles come with synthetic, weatherproof fabrics! Bonus! On my long walks through my neighborhood, I notice people laying on blankets on their front yards and sleepy naps in hammocks. 

Add a dining option like a table and chairs if possible. This truly extends the functionality of the space. If space is limited a small table works for enjoying a cup of coffee outside. Small end tables also provide a space to put down a drink or appetizer.

Accessorize. You can do better than just a welcome mat or a potted plant. Add texture or fun pillows. Signs or relaxing fountains also make the space more inviting. There are even weatherproof lamps that add style and function.

Enhance the usefulness of the space with outdoor ovens, fireplaces, and fire pits. The added warmth ensures you can use the space year-round. Fire pits are great for entertaining. My hubby and I use ours quite a bit. I think a beer tastes better there.  And outdoor ovens? Well, if you are like everyone else cooking up a storm in quarantine, it would be a fun experiment for the family. Oven-fired pizza anyone?

Need more ideas? Here are a few extra.

Your out of doors spaces are a very important aspect to the enjoyment of your home and the resale value.  This fact is often over-looked and under-appreciated.  Somehow I think we will all appreciate it a lot more now.  I know I will.