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6 ways to update a room

6 ways to update a room
June 8, 2020 Allison Andrews

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never spent so much time INSIDE my home as I have the last few months. I love my house from the furniture to my custom decor touches and quirky pieces of art all displayed in the beauty of a historic home. BUT… after months of staring at the same walls, and the same rooms I think an update or a refresh is in order. It’s time to change things up!

Can you relate?

Now that the world is opening up… you can venture out (with a mask, of course) and get a few things to update your room without spending a fortune.

I’ve got a few suggestions based on my years of staging homes around the Charlotte area.

Change your bedding

Your bed should be the star of your bedroom. Chances are you’ve been spending more time there lately watching Netflix. Changing the bedding is a fun way to make a major change without having to make a major change.

Add throw pillows

Have I mentioned how much I love throw pillows. Like, really. I love them. I use them in all my stages. Add a new color to a room or change the vibe with some new throw pillows on the couch. By this stage of the pandemic your old ones will likely be extra smushed from extra hours on the couch. Pillows come in all price points.

Upgrade hardware

Add some funky artsy knobs to a bedroom dresser… modernize your kitchen cabinets with new pulls… add a little class to a guest bathroom. You would be shocked at how many kinds of hardware you can get! It’s another small change with big impact.

Upgrade your window treatments

I’m not sure why so many people treat their window coverings as an afterthought. If you slapped up some blinds and haven’t done anything since… now is the time. Windows can really pull a room together. They frame the room and add an extra layer of warmth and style. From sheer flow curtains, to bold plantation shutters there are lots of options. Plus, great window treatments prove you are an adult.

Rearrange your furniture

This one costs you NO money, only a little muscle soreness. You know how your room feels ‘new’ when you take down the Christmas tree? You get the same effect just by changing up furniture placement. Remember to balance out large items and create functional spaces within each room.

Get a plant

Plants add a great aesthetic to a room … even if they aren’t real . And now is a great time to add flowering plants to your space. There’s a link to some super cute containers in a blog I wrote about gifts to welcome new neighbors. One word of caution with plants. Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t good about watering regularly, then get a plant that doesn’t require much work. Ask your local garden center for recommendations.

A change in seasons are a good time to make changes in home decor … and these are relatively simple upgrades to make. You’ll be glad you did!