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5 ways your home can boost your mood

5 ways your home can boost your mood
August 10, 2020 Allison Andrews

If you find yourself anxious these days, it’s no surprise. This is normally the time parents start to look forward to getting back into a routine with kids going back to school. Not this year. Instead, families across the area will find themselves once again adjusting to new routines, balancing e-learning with work duties. I’m guessing you could use a little pick me up, am I right?

Look no farther than the same place you’ve been looking for the last few months. Your home! What? You are tired of looking at it?

Try these 5 things at home and see if your mood doesn’t improve.

Declutter: With everyone being at home so much the last few months, chances are more ‘stuff’ has piled up leaving living areas feeling cramped. It’s also a good bet that over the last few months you’ve realized you have some ‘stuff’ you don’t actually want or need just taking up space. I recommend going room by room before school starts and decluttering. A fresh, clean space doesn’t just look better, researchers say it can actually lower stress levels because our brains crave organization. As a stager, I’ve helped lots of people declutter. I wrote a blog about it you might find helpful too.

Green it up: Plants bring color and life into a space, not to mention oxygen. For some people, the simple act of caring for a plant every day or week can be therapeutic in a way. If you aren’t a green thumb you can try Faux green. 

Add a pop of color: Color can absolutely have an impact on your mood. Certain colors evoke certain emotions. There’s a whole psychology behind it . Paint is a cheap and easy way to add color to a room. Maybe it’s time to freshen up your home office or kitchen with a bright new color to perk up your mood. If painting sounds like too much effort, throw pillows or art (my personal faves) are a great option.

Take the smell test: It might sound weird but every home and room has a smell. Does yours put you in a good mood? Why do you think people use fresh baked cookies at open houses? It makes you feel cozy. Candles, oil diffusers, or flowers can add a subtle scent to a room.  Just as colors impact mood, certain scents are known for creating certain vibes. Sometimes simply opening up the windows and doors to let a little fresh air into your room can be all you need for a quick mental boost.

WHERE you spend time can impact your mood as much as WHAT you spend your time doing. It can be difficult to juggle our responsibilities when our homes are doing double duty as living, work, and school spaces. Make sure you designate certain areas for certain things so that you have a place to go when you need to relax that is not tied to some other responsibility.

If all else fails, take a walk around your neighborhood… getting out in the fresh air, saying hi to neighbors, and seeing the world evolving outside your own door always puts me in a better mood.

Take care of yourself.