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10 Home maintenance projects you should do EVERY year

10 Home maintenance projects you should do EVERY year
July 27, 2020 Allison Andrews

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Whether you want it to last forever or you plan on selling it in a few years, yearly home maintenance is the best way to make sure that investment pays off. Most of the projects don’t seem to be major but over time,  if overlooked can cause serious damage to your home.

Here’s my checklist of 10 things you should do to your home every year to keep your home in top condition and your family safe!

Clean out the Gutters

Fallen leaves and/or pine needles can build up over time. Eventually, they will rot and could clog the downspouts. Left unchecked long enough, and they could actually damage parts of the gutter. If you are an elderly home homeowner or your home is a two-story, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help you with this project. Climbing up on ladders can be dangerous if not done correctly.

Clean the Dryer Vent

We’re not talking about the vent that is inside your dryer. This is about the one on the back of your dryer that is connected to a vent that leads outside. When this duct gets full of lint buildup, it can slow down the dryer making it less efficient and increasing energy costs. Most importantly, a clogged up duct is a serious fire risk as lint is extremely flammable.

Check Fire extinguisher

Your home’s fire extinguisher should be ready when you need it most. Unfortunately, too many sit in the corner of the kitchen and are never thought about again. Fire extinguishers expire! So check the date on yours once a month. Some models are rechargeable and will need to be recharged after sitting unused for long periods of time.

Check the attic

Did you know that insulation can deteriorate? It’s worth a quick trip to the attic every year to take a look at the current condition. While you are there take note of any new signs of water getting into your home. The other thing you want to check for is that no critters have taken up residency in your attic!

Check Air/Heat units

The air conditioning and heating unit of your home is one of the most expensive things to replace so it makes good financial sense to keep it working as long as possible with regular preventative maintenance.

Check for bugs

A few ants here and there in the summer isn’t too surprising. It’s not usually anything to worry about to see a few bugs on occasion but you don’t want to get caught with an infestation!

Tighten screws and hinges

Is that loose toilet paper holder bugging you? Tired of hearing the door squeak every time you shut the office door?  Your home shouldn’t annoy you! All it takes is one Sunday afternoon to get this job done.

Clean out the garage

Garages tend to be warehouses for outdated chemicals, old paint, and junk you no longer need. A cleaned out garage will not only be more useful, it will be safer by removing hazards and fire risks! Plus if you ever go to sell your home it will make it easier to clean up and show the space. People love garages that look big and organized!

Get out the power washer

Power washing the side of your home, decks, and driveway improves the exterior curb appeal instantly! You will be shocked to see how new your deck could look with a little power washing! Isn’t it time to get those oil stains off the driveway?

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy

Life is always changing. Make sure your policy is accurate and reflects your current needs.

Consider these projects ‘the apple a day that keeps the doctor away’ for your home. Keeping up on these simple maintenance projects will save you a bundle in emergency calls.