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Gifts for welcoming new neighbors

Gifts for welcoming new neighbors
April 27, 2020 Allison Andrews

First, you see the ‘For Sale’ sign come down in front of the house down the street. A few weeks later, you watch a truck pull down your block carrying the life of a new family that is about to call your neighborhood home. Remember what that’s like to pull into a street of strangers? A small gift is a great way to welcome a new neighbor to the hood and make them feel more at home.

The little gift doesn’t have to cost much money. It’s more about the sentiment in the giving that matters.

Here are a few ideas for a gift to welcome new neighbors.

A welcome mat

What better way to say welcome home than with a welcome mat! Pick a colorful one that works for their new front porch.

Feed them

Trying to make dinner while you are unloading boxes can be tricky. A casserole that can be frozen or refrigerated can be a huge help! Make it even easier for them by putting it in a disposable pan they don’t have to return.

A breakfast basket with muffins, bagels and cream cheese and local coffee is also a good idea or if they have kids, you might want to make a snack basket with fruit and chocolate and maybe juice.

A gift card to a local hangout

This gift will help introduce them to a new place to go like a favorite restaurant or local coffee shop. If you opt for a restaurant just be sure to make it a restaurant with an all-around menu in case they have dietary restrictions or don’t like certain types of food.

A plant

Plants make a house feel immediately like a home and will last longer than a bouquet of flowers. Stick to a basic green plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention since they’ll likely be busy the next few weeks getting settled in. Herbs are a good alternative to traditional houseplants. Here are some cute containers  

Give local

Since you know the neighborhood better than they will get them a gift that reflects what makes the area so special: Local beer, something from a local store, some neighborhoods even have their own t-shirts. Include a little card with info about the neighborhood that might be helpful like when trash day is or information regarding the home owner’s association.

Cute is good

Here’s one more idea I found.   

You can leave the gift on the porch with a card but I suggest a good old fashioned face to face introduction. Yes, that means knocking on the door and introducing yourself. Before you go, make sure to let them know about any social media groups the neighborhood may use. It’s good to connect both in-person and online. You never know when a new neighbor might be your new bestie or at the very least, a place to go for a cup of sugar when you need it.