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Windsor Park

Windsor Park
September 28, 2023 Allison Andrews

Who says the days of lightning fast home sales are gone!? In the right place, at the right price Charlotte homes are still going fast and my recent listing in Windsor Park is proof.

Now you might not have heard of Windsor Park before. It shares the 28205 zip code with more well-known and higher-priced communities like Plaza Midwood, Belmont, Art’s District aka NODA, and Villa Heights. 

I, however,  am very familiar with it, as I have owned a property in Windsor Park since 2014.  My most recent listing there was a fantastic example of one of Windsor Park’s stylish MCM ranches.  Lucky for you, I have another listing  in Windsor Park. It’s a beauty.

If you have been looking in Windsor Park you will want to check it out.  Take a look.

Trust me.

That property will likely go quickly too cause… well, look at it.

So get all your ducks in a row ahead of time. 


I identified the magic vibe of Windsor park long before it was popular.  Kurt and I bought a house in Windsor park over a decade ago.  10 years ago areas like NODA, Plaza Midwood, and Belmont were already soaring in price and lots were getting smaller, parking problems, and just more compact and dense.  We searched for a neighborhood with character still really close to center city and space.  Our house was purchased on almost .5 an acre. With old growth trees.  We purchased this house for my Mother knowing she would want grass, a place to plant a garden and sit outside.  We notice now that a younger generation has moved in and really loves Windsor Park.  I have shared my love of Windsor Park with buyers over the years and have sold several homes to young first time home buyers.  So it’s not a secret anymore but I love that it’s loved and much as we love it.  

Windsor Park is a fabulous time capsule neighborhood that sits just 5 miles east of the center of uptown Charlotte.  It is definitely not a new phenomenon for 5 Points folks, but it is certainly on trend now.  


Windsor Park is a collection of mid-century ranches, atomic ranches, and split levels. It’s also a mecca for a new generation of mid-century-designed homes.  More about that later.  The neighborhood is flanked by Kilborne Ave., Shamrock Ave., and Sharon Amity. This rather large tract of  neighborhood – 1100 acres to be exact– is home to over 8,000 residents.    


The vibe beckons back to neighborhoods in the 50’s. In the heart of Windsor Park lives Windsor Park Elementary grades pre-k through 5.  The quaint school is a thriving happy lively center of activity and provides a large green area for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.  Often folks stop and have a ball toss with their dog on the green grass of the school.  The school was built on the site of the old Hezekiah Alexander Farm.  

Fun Fact: The Hezekiah Alexander house still lives on the edge of Windsor park neighborhood and is the oldest home still standing in Mecklenburg County built in 1774 and is open to the public at the Charlotte Museum of History. 


I’m not the only 5 Points agent who owns property in Windsor Park. April Crigger-Hudson 

and Alex Kastanas Holladay  are part of 5 Points Realty family and fantastic agents that know and love their Windsor Park homes.  The homes were the design of our own  Charlie Miller and his company Williams Farrow Builders.  Charlie and his team are known for their mid-century-inspired new construction homes. I appreciate the way the homes fit respectfully in with their surroundings.   


Windsor Park is also a good value when it comes to location.  It’s just close enough to the center of the Charlotte universe of activity and just far enough away to have some space.  Windsor Park has a robust neighborhood association comprised of a group of folks that care deeply about their Windsor Park neighborhood. 

Alas the time has come to sell our beloved Windsor Park home, but we can’t wait for the next owner to love and make it even better.  Our house not only has outdoor space it has over 1800 sq/ft of indoor space  with 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and a half bath.  There are 3 levels to play with and create your own design.  Although we haven’t deferred any maintenance over the years we also haven’t fully updated finishes.  We are going to sell our property at a value for the next buyer to have fun making their own design decisions. 

If you are interested in learning more about Windsor Park or want to know about my next listing gimme a shout. 

 It’s a happy, lovely place to live.  You wanna know more about Windsor Park?  give me a call.