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Help Shape the Eastside

Help Shape the Eastside
October 8, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

Eastside plan Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program Charlotte realtor Cassie CunninghamThe City of Charlotte is investing in Charlotte’s neighborhoods through its Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program. One of the CNIP areas that’s near and dear to my heart is the Eastside – neighborhoods to the east of Uptown, from Eastway Drive at The Plaza, to Central Avenue, and out along Albemarle Road.

Per the CNIP website, “the project is collaborative in nature and brings city departments, as well as private investment, together to focus on strategic planning and project development to create impactful change for the surrounding communities.” Stated more simply, CNIP puts tax money with private investment money so the neighborhoods they’re focusing on get a bigger bang for their buck when money is spent on public works projects such as sidewalks, beautification efforts, art installations and more.

According to a recent article on Charlotte Agenda, “developers are referring to this area as the ‘middle east’ of Charlotte because the near east is Plaza Midwood (already developed), the far east being past Albemarle Road and Central (urban clutter) and our area, the ‘middle east’ (a hot spot for renewal, development and innovation).” While calling the area the “middle east of Charlotte” may not be the best nickname, they’re right in that it’s a hot spot for all things up-and-coming.

There are so many neighborhoods right in this area that are great buys – Coventry Woods, Sheffield Park, Windsor Park, Darby Acres, Medford Acres, and Winterfield, just to name a few.  These neighborhoods are, and have been, benefitting from the spill over from potential Plaza Midwood and NoDa buyers who want to live near uptown but simply have been priced out of these more-established areas.  This area of town is a great investment! I own property in Windsor Park and have watched it steadily rise in value.  Now is definitely the time to get into this area!

So how can you help shape the Eastside? Check out the list of proposed Eastside projects on the CNIP website. Keep an eye on that page, as they will begin to schedule community meetings in the next few months for several of the identified improvement projects. Sign up to be notified via email with updates that come along. And give me a call to explore these neighborhoods to find your new home!

Image: Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program website