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The Making of a Listing, Volume I – Staging + Design + Functionality

The Making of a Listing, Volume I – Staging + Design + Functionality
August 6, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

13702 Dealtry listing before realtor cassie cunninghamI was going to do a staging before and after post on my newest listing in the Pineville neighborhood of Danby. I checked in unexpectedly to take my before shots of the house, and SOOOOOOOO much was already being done.

Literally, from siding to switch plates, these sellers are preparing this house to sell.  That brings up a very important point for all those in the market to sell a home: Although staging is important and will bring contracts, it’s just the frosting. The design and functionality of the house is what takes the contract through to closing; it’s the cake. The combination of the two is sweet success for the seller.

The sellers of this adorable Pineville house know their house needs some love and fixes. They also know that if they put some money and effort in on the prepping end, they will see a better return in the sell of the house. The sellers decided to spend some money on strategic updating choices in addition to the fixes they know are their responsibility, and to do so without breaking the bank.  The #1 smart design choice? Removing the popcorn ceilings.  Is this necessary for the good working order of the home? No. Will popcorn ceilings, especially on a vaulted ceiling, matter to buyers…in a bad way? Yes.

13702 dealtry listing before realtor cassie cunninghamPlease check out the before pictures, because you aren’t gonna believe the after!  This home is coming to the market soon. If you have any questions about this listing, please contact me directly.