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Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Week 2

Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Week 2
May 30, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

So, here we are 2 weeks into our energy efficient project home and I have already learned a ton and moved a ton.

The first week was really about just starting.  In addition to talking to roofers, water intrusion specialists, architects, contractors, and backhoe dudes, I am clearing the space.  I have taken down 17 doors from inside the house.  Yes, that’s 10 + 7 doors.  That’s also 102 screws, in case you’re interested.

The previous owner loved divided space.  I don’t, plus I need to see how the house flows.  I have kept a refrigerator, stove, washer & dryer, medicine cabinet, those doors, and more out of the landfill by calling, pay attention, Junk Rescue.  This brother team has started a great business that picks up what Habitat for Humanity can’t take.  Junk Rescue is for profit, as opposed to Habitat for Humanity, but they take everything away for a reasonable price and put it to use if they possibly can.  I highly recommend them!

I have also taken down a wall, and the front of the house and front stoop is completely clear of vegetation.  This was done by a great backhoe company, Roger’s Backhoe & Concrete.

What is really becoming clear is I am learning.  And while it is good to allow myself to learn, there is a time to call in the professional.  The trick is to navigate that line very carefully to keep on budget and schedule.

Thanks for checking in!  To see all the progress, check out the Facebook album of photos and check out the previous posts on the blog.  Let me know your thoughts and ideas.