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Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Week 1

Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Week 1
May 16, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

So, we closed on the house for our energy efficient home renovation project last week, and I am feeling like a tadpole in the ocean.  I do know one thing for sure – the order of operations is very important.  Like, you don’t wanna finish the floors first.  Ya know what I mean?

I spent some time walking around my new project, trying to wrap my head around where to begin.  We have a water issue in the basement, but I was aware of that. What I do first?  I decided to start pulling things apart.  I grabbed a hammer, started tearing off the circa 1972 paneling in the basement and found a lot of rotting wet wood.  I’m not freaking out, I swear, just getting acquainted with the problem. I called three foundation/water intrusion folks today for bids.

In the meantime, I’m inviting friends and family to come dig out any and all plants from the front of the house. I know all of the overgrown vegetation will have to come out to investigate the water intrusion that is entering through, you guessed it, the front of the house.  In addition, I have set up a pick up with the Habitat for Humanity Restore to pick up all appliances, cabinetry, and bathroom fixtures that are outdated but still perfectly usable.  And I had a great meeting with my contractor/teacher/co-worker/fellow student of sustainability at CPCC.  He is going to teach me and work for me at the same time on this project.  I know what you must be thinking, but stay positive.

So, that’s the recap my first week as a home renovator.  Be sure there’s more to come!  Any questions or suggestions? I’ll take ‘em!  While you’re thinking, check out some of the before pictures on my Facebook page!  They are priceless, especially the carnival themed bathroom in the basement.