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Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update

Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update
April 3, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

energy efficient home renovation problemsThis post is a long time coming. I haven’t written about my energy efficient home renovation because there has been no progress since about Thanksgiving of last year.  We are now back on track… and oh, what a relief it is.

I pride myself on telling the whole truth about this home renovation process. And the truth is these last few months have been an awful, stressful waiting game that have honestly left me distrustful of the human race, or at least contractors.  I’m not going to sully anyone’s name, but I want to. I am tempted to list the full names and businesses that have severely let us down to spare anyone of making the same mistake, but I won’t. These contractors’ have been incomplete, unresponsive and simply bad people in our experience up to this point.  We have been forced to fire 2 general contractors for the above mentioned reasons.  I really started to feel like there was no one we could trust.

We started the process, yet again, of interviewing and collecting bids from contractors we felt, hopefully, were reputable and professional.  Each bid process, if the contractor is giving you a good estimate, takes 2-3 weeks. All subcontractors have to visit the site and submit their bids also.  After weeks and months, we have finally found 2 contractors that are splitting the job and work has resumed.  Our experience with our new contractor’s business acumen is night and day compared to the ones we have known.  They communicate, they are honest about their schedules and timelines, they answer all of our questions, and least but certainly not least, cue the angels singing, they show up to do the job!!!

We have now begun totally waterproofing the foundation of the house.  This process really deserves it’s own story because it is so very important.  In fact, I started out with the intention of writing just about the waterproofing. But I felt I needed to give our back story before beginning fresh.  Stayed tuned for the waterproofing story in next week’s post.

Have you done a home renovation?  Good experiences?  Bad?  Please let me know your renovation stories!