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Camp North End

Camp North End
August 12, 2019 Allison Andrews

I heard about Camp North End long before I finally made it there. I loved the name of it right away. People kept asking me if I had been. I started to grow curious about this new ‘place’  and the fact that people couldn’t really seem to describe it. They would say things like “old”, “industrial”, “artists colony.” Aaah, they were speaking my love language!

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.  So, my husband, aka exploring buddy, went on a field trip one Sundayafternoon. (He even agreed to let me take a picture of him!)

We had no idea what to expect and wholly Moses were we blown away! This huge industrial complex greeted us as we drove in and up to rusty metal cogs the size of cars and looming brick structures holding giant caverns of space and light. 

There were fresh murals bursting with vibrant color painted in large scale along a courtyard corridor of forgotten industry.  

At that time there were only a few businesses there but they fit the part perfectly like the custom motorcycle shop, Prism Supply company    Slowly more businesses are discovering the potential of this truly unique development concept. I’m so very excited about the newest announcement.. the first full-service restaurant is set to open this fall! There’s also a new brewery taking up space there along with some other cool places.

Leah and Louise describes itself as a 58-seat juke joint with Southern food and blues music! Again, my love language! This place just keeps getting better!

Chef Greg and Subrina Collier are the brains behind the restaurant. They are veterans of the restaurant scene. He’s a James Beard-nominated chef which, if you don’t know, means he’s really really good at being a chef! 

I am an experienced restaurant-goer/eater and can’t wait to see what the menu is going to look like, give their family-style Sunday meals a try,  or toss back a cold beer on the outdoor patio. If you want to try it, it will be located at 301 Camp Road, Suite 101.

Camp North End is an eye-popping inspiration of renewal and just gritty cool.  I can’t wait to see this project blossom.