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The Mystery That Is Phyrefly

The Mystery That Is Phyrefly
July 16, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

phyrefly restaurant deals website charlotte cassie cunninghamThere’s a new restaurant “deals” website in town. But this one’s different in a lot of ways.

For one, Phyrefly was launched recently in Charlotte by Kaitlin Krogh, her husband Josh, designer Jay Flood, and a silent partner who’s nicknamed Voldemort. (Get to know the team on their Intros & Intents blog post.)

The site works to fill empty seats at restaurants by bringing deals to those ready to eat. The catch? Diners don’t see the name of the restaurant for which they’re claiming a deal, just the address, which is another way this site is different. Here’s how it works…

Once you sign up/sign in, you’ll choose your city. A list of options will appear with minimal information – basically just the type of restaurant, the discount being offered, and the star rating of the restaurant. When you click on a deal, a little more information comes up, including the price range and whether it’s a kid-friendly spot. From there, you can choose to accept the offer or not. If you accept the offer, you tell your party size, and you have one hour to get to the restaurant and redeem it by getting a PIN from a restaurant employee. If you no-show, a $1 fee will be charged.

Right now, the neighborhoods which are participating are NoDa, Uptown, Plaza Midwood and Dilworth. The restaurants participating is constantly changing based on who has availability.

I’m excited to try this site. And I’m even more excited that it was developed and launched right here in Charlotte, not some far away Silicon Valley-type spot! Way to go, Phyrefly team!