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A Love Letter to Plaza Shamrock

A Love Letter to Plaza Shamrock
February 22, 2018 wayjamesmarketing

Plaza Shamrock. Oh, how I love thee let me count the ways…
I love thee for your eclectic vibe and walkability
I love thee for your interesting people and mature trees.

In fact, I have written about Plaza Shamrock more than any other real estate broker in Charlotte! You can feel the love in this article I wrote for Charlotte Five.

I love it so much I bought a home there in 2013. Amid the many 1950’s ranch-style and Cape Cod homes on large lots, sat the home that would become my major energy efficient home renovation project. Truth be told it was full of lots of headaches and heartaches but my love of the neighborhood never waivered.

Plaza Shamrock has always been a humble working person’s neighborhood perfectly nestled between all the flashier neighborhoods of NODA, Plaza Midwood, and Country Club Heights. It’s a great area for both young couples and new families looking to put down roots.

One of the things I love best is the diversity of the individuals who live there. My neighbors were the best. They were people who had lived in their homes for decades and raised families there. Some were artists, and small business owners, and young people just buying their first homes. Letty and Ron of Letty’s on Shamrock used to make fun of me for driving there to get something to eat on the rare occasion that I happened to drive. They said I should’ve saved some time and walked. And you know what? They were right!

We sold that house in 2016 and the neighborhood has done nothing but improve and go up in value as I knew it would. The price range currently for most homes is between 150-300k.

I’ve staged lots of homes there too. The community is full of homes that were built in the 50’s. Small ranch style, a few atomic ranch and some cape cod are peppered into the neighborhood. Investors have found it to be a good neighborhood to buy a flip property.

I just recently got an email from someone who follows this blog and is considering a move to Charlotte. She’s actually the reason I decided to write this love letter to my former neighborhood. Her email brought back so many wonderful memories of that beautiful corner of town. The woman thought Plaza Shamrock looked kinda cool.. I quickly told her it was and shared a little insight with her. It might not be on the radar as much as NODA and Plaza Midwood but its definitely worth checking into before word gets out about this emerging market! Make sure to grab a bite to eat at Letty’s and tell him I said HI!

Plaza Shamrock also has a deeply caring neighborhood association that cares about attracting new businesses like Nectar . Did I mention that I love Plaza Shamrock? I think it’s great that its uniqueness continues to attract people. That gives me hope for this great city of ours.