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A New Look at Brightwalk

A New Look at Brightwalk
July 24, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

brightwalk neighborhood charlotte ncIt’s been about a year and a half since I took a look at the Brightwalk neighborhood on this blog.  And it’s definitely worth revisiting now!

As a refresher… Brightwalk is a new neighborhood in the north end of Charlotte, just a mile outside of Center City Charlotte.  The vision for the neighborhood is that it is ideal for those looking to save time, energy and money – literally.  Per the Brightwalk website, this neighborhood is “an environment for those who care about the environment, where green space is as important as living space and increasing your happiness footprint is a given.”

The master plan for Brightwalk includes residential and retail, parks and pet paths, all in one area.  As the neighborhood takes shape, residents can rely on the nearby Metropolitan for shopping, the North Carolina Music Factory for entertainment, and the Anita Stroud Park and the area greenways for a bit of nature.  And all this is in addition to the transformation of Statesville Avenue into a pedestrian-friendly boulevard!

Residential options in Brightwalk include single family homes and townhomes, so there’s a great option for everyone!  Plus, sustainability and green building practices are staples at Brightwalk.   Recycling of building materials, stream restoration, and construction of homes and offerings properly scaled and efficiently designed are hallmarks of the community.

Ready to explore Brightwalk as your new home?  Give me a call and we’ll find your dream home together!

Image: Brightwalk Website