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Lots to Learn About Lots

Lots to Learn About Lots
July 25, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

lot acreage landLet’s talk about lots, more commonly known as land or acreage.

There really is much to know before considering a lot with the intention of building your home.  I really was quite ignorant before I started working with a fabulous architect/build team at Dialect Design – Tobias “Toby” Witte and Jahan Nourbakhsh. We teamed up because I am a student and groupie of sustainable contemporary design.  This type of design/building isn’t practiced much in Charlotte, and I set out on a journey to find someone who did it.  My search led me straight to Dialect Design and their amazing design aesthetic, attention to detail and awareness of sustainable building. (Full Disclosure: I am their go-to agent for finding lots for their clients interested in building from scratch.)

Some things I have learned:

1) In choosing your lot, there are so many factors. In addition to the attraction to the lot, ask yourself these questions: Is the surrounding development diverse enough to welcome a non-cookie cutter design?  If there is a lot for sale in a planned subdivision, you will be subject to an architectural review and be held to their limited design of the home. Is the surrounding market cost comparable to the amount you plan to spend on your build?  You don’t want to be the most expensive house in the neighborhood.

2)  Financing. Who knew banks don’t like to loan on land?  I always thought that land was the “real value” in real estate.  Nope, not according to the banks.  I have gathered a few banks that happily lend for lots, but not without some conditions.  The best way to buy a lot is with cash, so it’s yours and you can take your time with the planning and development of your home.

3) Marrying your personal long term plan with the long term plan of your home and land.  Building is a highly personal process. How you live, what’s important to you down to the smallest detail, is considered – or should be –  by your architect/builder. So, make sure you really see the land and see yourself, your family, and your personal home there on that little piece of earth. Obviously you can’t predict the future, but setting intentions and considering your long term vision should be part of choosing your lot.

There really is so much more to say about lots, land and acreage. But I will finish this post by inviting you to contact me or Dialect Design for any questions you may have of building your own distinct, contemporary, energy efficient home.  For more information on energy efficient home renovations, check out my previous posts on my experience there, too!