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Joe’s Doughs, For Those In The Know

Joe’s Doughs, For Those In The Know
September 24, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

Joe's Doughs Charlotte Realtor Cassie CunninghamWhat happens when you combine three of my favorite things – pop-up shops, NoDa and doughnuts? You get Joe’s Doughs!

Joe’s Doughs is a pop-up doughnut shop that shows up in The Daily Press in NoDa every other Saturday. Different flavors make an appearance at each pop up, and the menu is posted on the Joe’s Doughs Instagram account the day of the pop up. Lines are typically down the block for these tasty treats fried in vegetable oil (not lard), and they’re almost sure to sell out pretty quickly…for now.

All that may change soon. While the pop-up shop is said to be continuing at least through October, Joe’s is also opening a storefront location of its own! The storefront will be in NoDa, as well, so they’re staying in the neighborhood. The team is great about keeping the fans apprised of what’s happening when on their Facebook page, too!

Need some Joe’s Doughs in your life but don’t want to travel too far to get them? Let’s find you the perfect home in NoDa! Give me a call and let’s explore the area together!

Images: Joe’s Dough’s Facebook Page