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Finding Public Art on the Streets of Charlotte

Finding Public Art on the Streets of Charlotte
January 28, 2016 Cassee Cunningham

NoDa Underpass Art William Puckett realtor cassie cunninghamIf you’ve been a reader for a while, you know I love Charlotte’s beautification projects and public art initiatives. A quick search for “public art” on my site brings up a slew of articles I’ve done over the last few years. Now, thanks to an article on, I can let you know about even more public works of art around Charlotte!

In the article, Katie Toussaint talks about noticing the underpass artwork at Matheson Avenue in NoDa for the first time and how that lead her to research other underpass art in Charlotte. This particular mural is William Puckett’s tribute to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Katie also mentions “Passing Through Light” by Erwin Redl at the I-77 and West Trade Street underpass; Andrew Leicester’s underpass art for the uptown arena; and the Skyon Tryon, a temporary installation at the I -277/ North Tryon underpass. In addition, Toussaint mentions that Bernie Petit at the Arts & Science Council has said the Wesley Heights Community Association is applying for a Keep Charlotte Beautiful Grant for underpass art on Fourth Street at Fraiser Park.

In looking at William Puckett’s website, I noticed several familiar works from NoDa. He’s the artist behind the mural on the side of Jack Beagle’s, the mural atop the Neighborhood Theatre and the floor of 2424 North Davidson, the building attached to Amelie’s NoDa location. So much great public art from one amazing artist!

These examples are just a drop in the bucket of the great art found around Charlotte. So tell me…What’s your favorite piece of public art in the Queen City?