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Down on the Cool Urban Farm…in Lansdowne

Down on the Cool Urban Farm…in Lansdowne
February 19, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

lansdowne charlotte urban farm cassie cunninghamIn lieu of walkability to beer, I would take, hands down, a large lot for growing food and a giant 4th of July party.  In the HOA-free neighborhood of Landsdowne, you have a great community of people that embrace making the most of your piece of land.

Lansdowne was built up between 1950 and 1960, so you can find mid-century gems with large lots for a very reasonable price. It is not a pod neighborhood, meaning there is only one way in and out. It is accessible from 2 major roads, Providence and Sardis.  Lansdowne is in a great school district, located really conveniently to the Arboreteum, S. Park and a straight shot to uptown, or should I say Downe-town.

Lansdowne is not your parent’s suburb. My friend Melvin, who I met in the sustainability program at CPCC, lives in Lansdowne with his wife and son. I visited Melvin’s house with our CPCC class last year. It was a class trip to see how Melvin made his own bio-fuel for his car. With my real estate agent hat on, I had shown houses in Lansdowne before but really didn’t appreciate the full personality of this super cool neighborhood/community. Melvin and his wife bought an awesome atomic ranch on a ample lot. They have food growing in the back yard and an outdoor gallery of metal art, and the house is powered by solar panels. Oh, and there is a huge community fireworks party around the 4th of July that brings everybody out.

Sometimes when I take my walkable blinders off, I see that there is more to life than beer, coffee, and cute shoes.  There really are a lot of fantastic community-minded neighborhoods in Charlotte with tons of personality and value. Let me help you find a cool neighborhood that fits your family’s style.