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A test to match your personality with paint color

A test to match your personality with paint color
September 23, 2019 Allison Andrews

Choosing paint can be a tough process. There are varying shades and ranges. Each looks a little different depending on the light in the space. I have found a few tried and true options that have become my go-to colors but the thought of finding a new palette is exciting. So when I saw Sherwin Williams had a test to match colors with personality I just had to take it! 

The Color ID quiz is a lot like other personality type quizzes you might have taken before. You have to answer some questions about decor preference, music style, and favorite plants. Then the test spits out a personality type and a corresponding color palette.

Because it is a short mass appeal quiz, of course, when it asked questions  like “What music would you be listening to in this room?”  The options were

  • Smooth Jazz
  • Country
  • Acoustic house
  • classical

I would’ve really been listening to ambient blues re-mix.  So, there’s that. But the test was fun to take. I get why it could be helpful to people. Consider the fact that there are almost 500 shades of white alone! I wrote a blog about choosing the best whites but there’s not enough time to do that with every color so, perhaps the test will help people narrow down a few choices. 

I am helping a client choose a color right now and the process is so difficult for her we have decided to not talk about it.  We are just going with our separate guts and see who wins.  I am choosing a color not for them first but for the space.  I am choosing a color for what they want the space to be, how they want it to feel, what they want to use it for, who they want to share it with (or not).

The quiz did ask what I would be doing in the room.  The options were:

  • Watching a movie
  • Reading a book
  • Entertaining
  • Starting a new project

I would have really like to have been given the choice of chasing my cat off the new project I started on the coffee table while watching “Project Runway” but I guess you can’t have everything.  

Instead of giving you a singular color as the winner,  the results give you a range of 16 coordinated combinations. The colors are cool, some more conservative than others, and lend themselves to a variety of decor styles.

I’m one of those irritating out of the box kind of people, but I’m also a designer sooo….   

Having said that, I did like the sublime color that this quiz chose for me.  But it won’t be the only factor I use to choose paint.

There are several paint companies that have colors that really speak to me. I use Jolie, Farrow & Ball, Behr not only in my own home projects but I recommend them to clients.

The truth is, color depends on so many things.  Color is dynamic NOT STATIC.  Color shifts with you or without you.  But I support anything that gets you thinking and inspires you to consider more colors!