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7 Reasons to consider buying a home in Huntersville (NEW LISTING ALERT!)

7 Reasons to consider buying a home in Huntersville (NEW LISTING ALERT!)
September 9, 2019 Allison Andrews

Looking for a Home? How about Huntersville? That might sound like a surprising suggestion coming from a Charlotte-based real estate agent but I know what you are up against. An affordable housing shortage has a lot of people considering a move to the suburbs. I’ll give you 7 reasons to consider buying a home in Huntersville.

I am fortunate enough to reacquaint myself with Huntersville at least once a year through my listings, including my latest! (Keep reading for details). I am always so very pleasantly reminded of what a fantastic area Huntersville is. 

Here’s why…

1.  More space for the money

Take my newest listing. It’s a 3 bed 2 1/2 bath light-filled open floor plan, with high ceilings and a 2 car garage. At just $240k, you couldn’t find a house of this size in a neighborhood with amenities like a pool in Charlotte.  

8017 Baylis Drive is a classic Charleston style home on the outside. It’s fresh, bright, and modern on the inside.

The large windows allow light drenched spaces throughout. This 1,860 sqft. home was perfect for my funky and modern pieces.

Plus it has a huge master with en-suite and custom walk-in closet.

and a no maintenance private patio.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time in your backyard when you have a neighborhood pool!

But this listing isn’t the only reason to LOVE Huntersville.

2.  Cute small-town feel

There is a great downtown area that is so close. Bike rideable to most of Huntersville neighborhoods.  Check out Crafty Beer Guys located in an original bungalow home right on Main Street.  Have a beer on the front porch!  Huntersville is also home to Cafe 100, one of the best and quaint breakfast spots in the Charlotte area. It is also in a cute main street bungalow and is located right across the street from Crafty Beer Guys.  There are just a collection of great fun businesses in the bustling downtown Huntersville (including a Pinky’s Diner, like the one in Charlotte!)

3.  Close to Charlotte

Huntersville is located 22 miles from the center of Charlotte.  Driving from my house in Elizabeth,  I clocked in at 16 minutes to get from doorstep to my listings doorstep.  You can get some breathing room outside of busy Charlotte and still have very quick access to all that Charlotte has to offer. 

4.  You are not bound to I-77

The other huge bonus to Huntersville is that there are more roads than one to get there. Cause really, do I need to explain why this is a good thing?

5.  Housing prices

The housing prices in Huntersville are much more affordable than Charlotte and just as diverse. There are older homes, mid-century, new construction, or Condo/townhomes.

6.  A great launch site to other fun stuff

Huntersville is very convenient to Lake Norman.  It is also a head start to the mountains, and, I reiterate very convenient to Charlotte.  It really is a phenomenal location.  

7. A fantastic school district.  

It’s OK. I love Charlotte too but don’t feel guilty if living outside the city might fit your needs better. Call me for details.  You might wanna consider Huntersville.