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Light up your space

Light up your space
June 8, 2017 Cassee Cunningham

If your front or back patio or backyard space is something you want to specifically showcase, use lighting to make it look photo-ready. Candles and/or lanterns are an inexpensive yet effective way of literally and metaphorically illuminating the space. So many DIYs can come from this and sometimes all you need are a <$1 tea light and colored paper.

Adding string lights or even battery operated candles can give the viewer a comfortable and intimate feel of the house, while still looking fresh out of a magazine.

Today’s trend: exposed light bulbs are a modern and edgy look and you don’t have to worry about purchasing lampshades.

Get creative without paying the price and illustrate your house’s assets to make it the one to remember.

If you’ve tried a lighting DIY or you have more examples of how to create the perfect ambiance, let me know. I am always up to hearing your recommendations.


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