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Embrace your Concrete Floor

Embrace your Concrete Floor
October 6, 2016 Cassee Cunningham
concrete floor charlotte realtor cassie cunninghamI have always been a fan of concrete as an interior design finish. In my home we have concrete floors on our lower level and I didn’t want to cover them. Unfortunately, when I was renovating I didn’t know a concrete artisan. I settled for a person that sealed and painted my concrete floor. Although I’m still glad I didn’t cover the concrete, the look fell short of what I knew concrete could be.
My friend Lesley contacted me a few months back asking if I knew any concrete designers? Lesley had hardwoods atop concrete slab which is not an ideal pairing. There were already issues with her hardwoods prior to the washing machine overflowing and flooding most of the main living space. This forced a decision on choosing flooring. She rightly considered just embracing her concrete slab. Her willingness to try concrete totally inspired me to finally find that concrete maestro that I knew was out there somewhere.
Enter Tom Schulz and Daniel de Wit of Ennis Art based in Asheville. I found them through the artist grapevine and what a gold mine of design talent. Tom and Daniel have done projects from New Hampshire to Arizona and from homes to museums. After being dazzled by their resume I was concerned about cost. Well, I was amazed by that too, in a good way.
Lesley’s concrete floor turned out amazing! Although I did not re-do the concrete floor inside my house, I did have Tom and Daniel work their magic on my studio space. I love it. You can see in just 2 examples the vast possibilities of color and finish. Consider it, especially if you already have a concrete base. Embrace your concrete.


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