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Be “Welcoming”

Be “Welcoming”
June 15, 2017 Cassee Cunningham

As you may know, first impressions are everything. Adding a witty or artistic door mat will already give the viewer a brighter look on what they are about to walk into. Welcoming mats give a lived-in but not cluttered touch but do not make the viewer feel as a visitor.

If it stands out enough, it could be one of the things they remember about the house, giving what you’re trying to sell a lasting impression.

Of course, there are other ways to cast a good first impression. Some hang a decorative sign on the door to get a laugh of who enters or a statement piece to catch the eye of viewers. Whether laughs or art or maybe something in between is your forte, give your viewer an easy way to remember the house they loved so much.

What are funny or creative welcome mats that you’ve seen? What do you use to ensure a good first impression? Your comments are always ~welcome~.


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