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Where Do You Stand on Development Coming to Charlotte Neighborhoods?

Where Do You Stand on Development Coming to Charlotte Neighborhoods?
May 14, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

new development coming to charlotte neighborhoods by cassie cunninghamA lot has been in the news and the rumor mill lately about new development coming to established Charlotte neighborhoods like SouthEnd, NoDa and Plaza Midwood. The news seems to have many detractors, saying the development is robbing the neighborhoods of their character and what makes them “them.” And I’m not going to lie – I can’t say these folks are 100% wrong. Some of my favorite spots in town (*cough* Tommy’s Pub *cough*) are on the chopping block. But even with these changes, I feel these neighborhoods will remain among my favorites in town and will remain awesome places to live. Here’s why:

  • There’s a difference between a corridor/edge and a neighborhood and the best use thereof. Perfect example: Morehead St. Outdated and not particularly interesting office buildings were torn down to be replaced by a large apartment complex. Technically this area part of Dilworth. However, this complex is on the corner of two very busy streets, close to uptown and didn’t replace any historic or single family homes.  This use of land is smart and efficient for city planning, occupants of this complex, and property owners in this area.
  • While the incredible boom of high-density building in NoDa has it’s downside, there may be some very needed and usable resources that accompany. For instance, there is rumor that a green grocer (maybe Whole Foods?) could be coming as a retail package with one of the new apartment/condo complexes soon to be complete in NoDa.
  • New dining and retail options along the LYNX Blue Line attracts ridership.  That is already true of the light rail from Pineville to uptown. And with the addition to the line from uptown to  the University, there will need to be the same draw.  Ultimately this puts riders on mass transit and out of cars, lowering the pollution levels for the city.

Stay tuned to my blog as this development takes place. Since SouthEnd, NoDa and Plaza Midwood are amongst my favorite places in Charlotte, and I love to share my love of these spots with my readers and clients, I’m sure I’ll have tons of updates over the coming months. But while we’re waiting for construction, tell me: what are the pros and cons of this development in your opinion?

Image: BB+M Architecture