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Summer projects

Summer projects
June 17, 2019 Allison Andrews

The Charlotte area has so much to offer in the summer, from baseball games Uptown to local pick your own fruit farms, festivals or just a dip in the pool.  It’s time to put together that summer wishlist!  Just make sure to leave a little time to get some summer projects done around the house.

Here are a few projects to help you beat the heat, enjoy the longer days and enjoy all that Charlotte has to offer.

Hire a qualified professional to inspect/clean your air conditioning system

You don’t want to come home from work and find out that your AC unit has gone out. If your system is older or in need of repair, consider upgrading to a more efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified unit. Of course, air conditioning isn’t the only way to beat the Carolina heat. There are some other ways to summer-proof your home.

Install screen doors

Evening summer breezes make summer more lovely. Mosquitos do not.  Screen doors are a great way to get some fresh air inside. Just make sure to inspect them yearly for any holes or tears (even a little hole is enough for a pesky mosquito to get inside). Speaking of mosquitos, do yourself a favor and check regularly for standing water (garden pots, yard, kid pools etc.). It’s a magnet for the little buggers.

Check play equipment

Nothing brings a summer day of play to a screeching halt faster than an accident. There are some super awesome swing sets in backyards around Charlotte but over time, they can become potentially unsafe. Check wood for rot/splinters. Make sure ropes and fasteners are still strong and safe! Check swings, zip lines, slides and rock walls and replace what’s needed. If you don’t have a big play structure, Charlotte has some great parks that make for a fun way to spend a summer day

Lighten up decor

A few changes is all it takes to really make your home really feel light and bright. Add some cooling sheets on the bed or a fun duvet cover. Toss some colorful pillows on the couch. You might even want to post that summer wish list so everyone can see it! Outside trying adding a few fun garden/entertaining decorations to the patio or deck.

Power wash, Re-stain

Power washing your walkway, home exterior or concrete patio is relatively inexpensive and makes a big impact. It’s like looking at a tan line… you won’t believe the before and after! If you have a deck instead of a patio, summer is a good time to re-stain the deck to help protect the wood from mother nature (she can be a diva in the summer!).

None of these projects should take you very long which is good because you want to spend most of your time doing all those things on your summer wish list. None of them cost much either which is also good so you have money left over to spend on more fun stuff like getting ice cream.