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NEW Condo Alert

NEW Condo Alert
November 2, 2023 Allison Andrews

There aren’t too many real estate deals left in Charlotte, but I have a scoop for you. I have listed and been a buyer’s agent five times in the last two years for the units in the Laureldale complex. Yes, it has increased in value since my first sale, but it is still a great buy.  


Laureldale is a complex that was built in the mid 40s in the heart of the historic Elizabeth neighborhood.  It’s never been considered high-end, but it has always been well cared for. Owner participation in the homeowner’s association has been exceptional. It’s a great balance of really caring about their community and being laid back at the same time.

This charming condo complex is not closed-off or stuffy. It’s like condos in the park. In the spring people hang out on the lawns and play fetch with their dogs. You’ll find people sprawled out on blankets, soaking up the sun. Everyone has a little welcoming porch and is often out watering their plants and chatting with their neighbors. My clients say this is the friendliest and most welcoming community.

The location is perfect to walk your dog, take a run, and ride your bike to work. We love walkable neighborhoods, and Elizabeth is one of the best. There are plenty of places along the tree-lined streets to grab a cup of coffee, a lovely dinner, or meet up with friends for a cocktail. I just love this spot.


Laureldale condos are just under 1000 square feet. They have two floors with the living, dining, and kitchen on the first floor. Two bedrooms and a full bath are on the second floor. There’s not a ton of space or storage, but gosh it’s a great place to live, be carefree and enjoy your surroundings.

Our listing price is $325,000 for this end unit. It has new insulated windows that were installed within the last year and a new roof being put on almost as we speak. 


There are many other updates including a new kitchen with stainless steel appliances and cabinet space galore. Everyone who lives here makes it better than they found it.

The bathroom has also been updated to make the most of the space and it has a beautiful walk-in shower. 

There is a wood-burning fireplace with gallery lighting above and hardwood floors throughout. It’s light and bright and freshly painted. 

The master bedroom is quite large, with plenty of room for a king size bed and furniture. 

The dining area just off the kitchen is an adorable nook, perfect for lingering at the table with friends and a bottle of wine.

If you’re waiting for the right moment to buy a home, here’s what you should know. While homes in Charlotte are staying on the market a little longer (around 33 days), they are still selling for asking price. So, you might not get in a bidding war but you’re not going to get a steal either. Bottom line, these units are in a wonderful neighborhood and are a great fabulous investment, with no rental restrictions or rental cap. 

Call me to check out the Laureldale condo.