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Meet the NEW Short Walk Home Crew

Meet the NEW Short Walk Home Crew
March 3, 2022 Allison Andrews

I have exciting news! I have a crew.

As you know, I’ve been working alongside my clients for over a decade to craft successful buying and selling experiences, so much so that my clients have become my friends and my community.  But I needed a crew if I was going to maintain the same high level of service and relationship to my existing clients, continue to grow my client base, and expand my coverage to South Carolina and Western North Carolina. 

See, ultimately this change is about doing what’s right for you! It’s a dynamic and critical shift in how I do business that will help me better serve today’s buyers and sellers.

Ok, now let me give you a little backstory about the other incredible humans who are now part of my crew.

Meet the Crew

Hello, my name is Cassee and I… cut it out, you know me. I do not compromise on service. I have been writing about my experiences in all facets of real estate for almost as long as I’ve been selling real estate on Short walk home. I also started a successful staging business I provide staging, design consulting, and listing prep not only for my listing clients but for other real estate broker’s listings and their sellers. My reputation and my relationships are my most valued assets.  

Lynette Knaak is most famously known for being my sister-in-law. I’m totally kidding. Lynette moved to Charlotte in 2020 from Palm Desert, California. She thought she wanted to retire and play a little golf in the beautiful Coachella Valley, CA. Nope, I needed her. Lynette retired from a 20-year career in Pharmaceutical sales with Johnson and Johnson and, before that, was a manufacturer’s rep for the iconic Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Her background in sales and, most importantly, client relationships and service made her a fantastic fit for real estate. Lynette has earned both her North Carolina and South Carolina licenses.  

Kurt Knaak is not only Lynette’s big bro, he also happens to be my husband. Kurt also had dreams of retiring. He thought he was turning in his suit and tie for a fly rod and waiters. Nope, I needed him too. Kurt’s background as a food broker just couldn’t go to waste on trout. Kurt and a few of his fellow brokers pioneered a start-up venture in 2004 that grew from 7 people to over 300 employees in less than ten years. By the time Kurt decided to sell his shares of the business and move on, the company had grown to over 250 M dollars in annual sales. Kurt’s background in sales, marketing, and yes, there’s a trend of client development, service and relationships just made him a natural for the crew. Kurt has also earned his broker’s license in both North and South Carolina. 

What’s our crew mean for you?

 You may have noticed I’m very careful not to refer to us as a team. That is very intentional. “Teams” are popular in real estate right now because they are good at duplicating the effort of one person in a silo structure. We have no interest in being vertically oriented. We are a big wide net of support.

To put it plainly, if our buyers, notice I say “our” not mine, need to see a house today or in an hour that will happen. If our listing is getting offers they will be answered and responded to immediately.

I don’t have to put you on hold because I’m with another client. My service capability has just tripled, and oh, by the way, I won’t ever leave my other client prematurely, you just won’t have to wait until that meeting is over to get the action YOU need.

As the market tightens and both buying and selling become more complex, our clients will be well-armed and fully supported.  

Much Love,

The Crew