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Worth Exploring this Month

Worth Exploring this Month
August 12, 2021 Allison Andrews

As a Realtor, Stager, or even myself – it’s important to keep things fresh in life and get out of your comfort zone. I know exploration is good for the creative soul. As I’m writing this post I’m on the final 2 days of my latest exploration.  My husband Kurt, his younger sister Lynette (by 15 months, inside joke) and I planned a trip through Wisconsin.

Kurt and Lynette grew up in Peshtigo WI. They have fantastic memories of their growing up years.

I have been to Wisconsin for quick visits over the years and I love it too.  We planned our trip to cover some territory but our first leg of the journey was a cabin on W. Pickerel Pond. The pond or Plake, as I like to call it, is only 15 acres across but reported to be up to 85 feet deep.  This little body of water was absolutely magical. I had some trepidation before diving in for the first time. Would it be really cold? Would the bottom be mushy and slimy? Would a giant musky nibble at my toes? Don’t know, don’t care, just dive in. Magic. A perfect balance of life, beauty, and a bit of mystery in the small deep plake. 

“One of my favorite ways to spark creativity is through exploration. Exploring exposes you to new things. New things are inspiring. While exploring you might stumble across a new way of doing something, a new thing to do, or something more subtle.” -Chris Grundermann

With summer dwindling the talk about returning to the more rigid routines of back to school and the final quarter of the year push I wanted to give you a few ideas for doing your own exploring around Charlotte with this I-Don’t-Want-Summer-to-End-List.

Live Music: Music concerts are a staple of summer. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is featuring everything from roots rock, Americana, bluegrass and funk through September. If you haven’t checked out this cool AF outdoor venue in the middle of the world’s largest man-made river, well you are missing out!   

Cheer on the Knights:  Summer and baseball go hand in hand! Games at Truist Field run through September 19th.  Thirsty Thursday is a great night to get deals on drinks. 

Celebrate PRIDE: Pride 2021 runs August to November. Along with the annual Pride festival there are other fun things to do including a concert event, Independence game and  this year’s Pride festival will feature both familiar and new events, all which were designed with safety in mind. In addition to the Charlotte Pride Parade, there will also be a concert event, interfaith service, film festival, job fair and more. Aug. 21 through Nov. 13.  

SHOUT: If the end of summer makes you want to shout, then mark your calendar for Charlotte Shout September 17-October 3. ​​The festival is a feast for the sense combing artists, musicians, chefs and thought leaders in immersive experiences around the city.

Of course, my favorite way to explore is just to get out and walk. I mean, the word walk is actually in the name of my blog so are you surprised? No matter how long you have lived in the same town or even the same neighborhood I promise you that if you get out and walk you will see something new. You will notice a new business to check out, or find a road you’ve never driven on before.  

So, go explore my friends!