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The perfect Charlotte Thanksgiving Weekend

The perfect Charlotte Thanksgiving Weekend
November 25, 2019 Allison Andrews

Is there such a thing as the perfect Charlotte Thanksgiving weekend? My blog writer asked what I like most about the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know what she’s getting at, and I would love to paint a perfect, warm hearth, pumpkin spice smelling, family choir kinda picture, but that just wouldn’t be true for our Thanksgiving Holiday.  Our home, although well-loved, is always in a state of major repair, although this year we do have a fully functioning kitchen. My husband and I either over-cook or under-cook the turkey. His side of the family is quiet and mild-mannered my side is extremely loud and likes to bring up controversial or at the least uncomfortable subject matter to discuss. There is usually a little too much alcohol in the mix a little too soon in the day. We spend days planning, shopping, preparing and hours cooking and Thanksgiving dinner is consumed and people are ready to leave the table in under 8 minutes only to wonder where the dessert menu is. Then there’s the carnage of leftovers and dishes. Not just any dishes, nope, Grandma’s china that has to be hand-washed including silverware and crystal.  I am certain Grandma Bernie, God rest her soul, is having a good laugh watching over me as I carefully wash, and dry each size of dish, water, and wine glasses, forks, knives… and why is the house always so very hot?   

Still, a girl can dream… and in my perfect Charlotte Thanksgiving weekend,  it goes like this…


We start off the morning bright and cheery in Uptown at the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade . Who needs Macy’s when the largest Thanksgiving parade in the Southeast is right here with all the floats, dancers and marching bands you need! It’s been a staple in town for more than 70 years, drawing more than 110,000 people!

You don’t even HAVE to cook on Thanksgiving. Many Charlotte restaurants are open for business and host special menus for the day. Let someone else do the dishes for a change!


On Friday wrap yourself in the start of the Holiday season and take advantage of the day off! No need to fight the crowds Black Friday shopping. Save your cash for small business Saturday! (I’ll get to that in a minute) Instead, while everyone else is elbowing for a place in line head to the NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaza. That’s where you’ll find the city’s only ice skating rink HOLIDAY ON ICE. Get a selfie taken with a giant polar bear and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Skating and stake rental costs $14; if you bring your own skates, the entry fee is $10.


On Saturday hit the streets around your ‘hood and support local businesses. I am a huge supporter of local businesses. You can stop at my favorite coffee joint if you need a caffeine pick me up before you get down to business. Here’s a list of some local businesses taking part. 


By Sunday you’ll be tired. Just enjoy hanging out at home. Maybe go for a walk if you feel the need to get out. Rake some leaves. Or just cozy up and put a pot of soup on the stove. Be thankful for where we live and the people we get to do life with.

Each year I have such high expectations of that over the meadow and through the snow kinda Thanksgiving and each year it couldn’t be any different.  You know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.