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The Latest on the Energy Efficient Home Renovation

The Latest on the Energy Efficient Home Renovation
September 5, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

energy efficient home renovation sept 5 updateSo many things have happened on my energy efficient home renovation in the last couple of weeks, it’s been hard to chronicle it all.

Since I’ve brought a contractor on board, everything now must be to code.  The biggest challenge in bringing the interior space to code, with style of course, was the stairwell going from the upstairs to the basement (now known as the lower level).  The previous stairwell was painfully not to code –  narrow and ladder-like with no railings. It felt like you were going below decks in a submarine. It took many discussions and measurements to add the twice-as-large stairwell opening, meeting the code for minimum and maximum rise and run for stair size into a basement, while also allowing a minimum of 6’8″ head clearance with 7’4″ ceiling height, without taking away vital square footage.

But we did it!  I love the stairwell! It’s open and bright because we were able to incorporate a window into the stairwell, and it now harmoniously joins the up with the down.  It doesn’t feel like you are being punished as you descend to the lower level anymore!

The space has been totally reconfigured. It now not only accommodates the new open stairwell, but it also has a larger closet in both upstairs bedrooms, and we maintained a full bathroom in the upstairs.  We did snatch some space from the upstairs bathroom, but reclaimed space for that bathroom from the living room. We have really used every inch of space wisely.

The basement had to be reconfigured too, because of where the stairs came down in the lower level.  We were able to scoot everything down three feet, take some space from several compartmentalized closets, and create a full-size bathroom and walk-in closet.

In the last few weeks, demo and framing up the new floor plan has been the focus. The next phase, which will begin this week, begins some of the real meat and potatoes of this renovation – the energy efficient equipment.  This is also when we will have our heating and cooling put in.  I’m going to devote a full post to this item, as it is very important for energy efficiency and cost savings.

This renovation is really getting going now, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, check out all the photos on my Cassee Cunningham Savvy & Co Facebook page!