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Recycling Shingles – Who Knew?

Recycling Shingles – Who Knew?
December 19, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

roof shinglesA few weeks ago, I published a blog post on the roof being updated on my energy efficient home renovation.  The post detailed why I chose metal for the roofing, one of the reasons being that metal roofs contain recycled materials while shingle roofs contain toxic materials that go into landfills.

Thanks to a comment from reader Jimbob, I found out that I was misinformed.  His comment said, “All asphalt roofing shingles are, and have been for quite some time, 100% recycled. When we replace a roof and complete a home renovation, we utilize two separate dumpsters, one for shingle and all roofing debris, and another one for all other waste destined for the landfill.”

After a little research, I discovered a ton of resources on recycling shingles. offers information on shingle recycling as well as a “find a recycler” function.  Owens Corning asks roofers to take a shingle recycling pledge.  I even found a “how to” video on YouTube!  And that’s not to mention the information on how asphalt shingles play a role in sustainable building I found on and how recycled shingles go into paving on the EPA’s website.  However, I did also find that although recycling shingles is possible, it is not fully adopted by the building industry and many shingles still end up in the landfill.

Now were I to undertake another energy efficient home renovation, would I change my mind on using metal roofing?  No – I still love metal roofing for all the reasons I named in the original post.  But I can say I’m glad to have readers that help educate me.  And I’m glad to have this new-to-me information in my arsenal for the future.