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Amazing Staging – The Before

Amazing Staging – The Before
October 30, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

421 Lyttleton Staging BeforeIt makes me very sad to think of all the homes for sale that have gone overlooked and unsold simply because the pictures and presentation are not good.  Behold the Before pictures. 421 Lyttleton in Sherwood Forest is one of those fantastic homes that just needs a pop of style, a fresh take, and finally good, no great pictures to show it’s true elegance and beauty.  I have taken this listing over and I’m so excited about giving this house some love. I stress these pictures are before!

When a house has not sold that is such a great price, so well located, with great square footage as well as updated kitchen and baths, beautiful 1/2 acre lot and so much to offer buyers, it’s either price, presentation or both.  Sellers in this scenario need a fresh set of eyes on their listing.

The family that owns and is selling 421 Lyttleton have lived and raised children in this home.  They have taken care of their home and have had busy, happy, creative lives. You can feel the good energy when you walk in the front door. I fell in love with Lyttleton the moment I walked in. It just needs a few style, color, staging tweaks to uncover it’s showing and picture splendor.  421 Lyttleton is like the shy girl with glasses in high school that just needed to take her glasses off, stand up straight, and put on a little makeup and she turned heads.

I’m trying to make this post about the virtues of the transformation not the virtues of the home, that’s next week. I am so tempted to divert to talking about what a great find this home is.  Teaser; if you are an artist that needs studio space, a work-from-homer that needs a totally separate office, if you need space for teenagers or parents, or you are just looking for a great investment property you will want to watch out for this listing.

This beautiful home will be going on to MLS next week.  In the meantime, take a peek at our “before” shots. I would really like to hear your thoughts, opinion, and recommendations for staging this home.