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Neighborhood Profile: Plaza Midwood – A beautiful blend of opposites

Neighborhood Profile: Plaza Midwood – A beautiful blend of opposites
November 30, 2017 108.greg1971

Hip. Historic. Current. Classic.
Plaza Midwood is a beautiful blend of opposites. One of Charlotte’s historic neighborhoods, PM continues to change just enough without compromising its charm.

When I first moved to Charlotte from Asheville six years ago, I wanted to find a place in the middle of everything but with space to walk, run and ride my bike. Enter, Plaza Midwood.

Just east of uptown, Plaza Midwood’s tree-lined streets feature beautiful homes, some built 100 years ago, mixed in with new construction. I love, love, love the diversity of house styles. Did I mention I love the diversity of the house styles? The "Arts and Crafts" movement from the early 19th-century left its mark on the neighborhood in the cute bungalow and craftsman style homes that are my favorite. There are also several new condo and apartment buildings thrown into the mix.

PM was developed in the early 1920s. One of its founding families, the Van Landinghams, built an estate that stands today as a favorite wedding and event venue. The neighborhood went through some tough times in the 1950s and 1960s, but in the 1970s a group of neighbors formed the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association to preserve the community. Since then, the neighborhood and the association have flourished. Take a look at some of the fun events the PMNA hosts many events year-round..

One of the neighborhood’s most enticing features is its splendid mix of bars, restaurants and shops. From young hipsters to stroller-pushing families and empty nesters, PM has something for everyone and you won’t even have to call an Uber. In fact, PM is the 14th most walkable neighborhood in Charlotte.

There is the classic Diamond diner, the modern southern goodness of Dish, the beloved brunch spot Zada Jane’s and the sophisticated Soul Gastrolounge there really is something for everyone. And these are just a few of the many incredible restaurants in PM.

If you happen to catch a whiff of the fresh bread and goodies coming from Nova’s Bakery you’ll be drawn in like a magnet. This is truly one of those great neighborhood places you find yourself popping into regularly at to get the perfect loaf of bread for a favorite meal, dinner party or Sunday morning bagels.

Tommy’s (the bar I consider the best dive bar EVER) is no longer open… but Thomas Street Tavern seems to be a go-to bar for generation after generation. The iconic Thirsty Beaver that has thumped its tail at new development, new spots like Legion Brewing and Twenty-Two only add to the neighborhoods quirky charm.

People who live in Plaza Midwood are passionate about it; people who don’t live there often have neighborhood envy. But like much of Charlotte, it’s not too far from anywhere, making it easy to live like a local at least for a day. Check out the neighborhood facebook page if you want to see what they’re up to!