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Move Towards Modern Architecture: Charlotte’s Residential Building Scene

Move Towards Modern Architecture: Charlotte’s Residential Building Scene
March 5, 2015 Cassee Cunningham

modern architecture cassie cunningham

Modern architecture is a style that has been very under-represented in and around Charlotte.  If you look Modern architecture up in Wikipedia you find a very long definition. To some it may mean, simply newly built regardless of the style of building.  Think Frank Lloyd Wright, sleek, clean, unembellished lines. This is the Modern I am referring to.

There isn’t a lack of Modern homes in Charlotte for lack of interest. One of the main reasons is lending institutions.  Banks are reluctant to lend on new construction for buyers in any situation. Ask them to lend on a style that isn’t cookie cutter and it becomes almost impossible to get a loan.  Developers rarely take chances on anything progressive.  What we end up with is a monoculture of architectural style.  I have more and more buyers seeking a Modern style of home. Thank goodness some architects and builders have broken through the style ceiling to bring a fresh beautiful modern aesthetic to Charlotte residential home building.

Dialect Design is a two-man architect/build firm, that works with individuals to design and build their modern dream home.   Toby Whitte and Jahan Nourbakhsh the owners of Dialect design were creating and providing modern design plans to buyers in Charlotte long before it was popular.  They have a great eye for seamlessly joining indoor and outdoor space and adding elemental materials stone and wood with straight bold lines. The result is warm and inviting while staying sleek and contemporary.  Toby & Jahan are also amazing with communicating and incorporating what is important to the client.  You can see their latest project breaking ground soon in the Belmont neighborhood, as well as in this interview with WCNC.

As I show buyers the beloved walkable neighborhoods of Charlotte like Belmont, Cherry and Oakhurst, I see a renaissance of modern building happening. It’s a welcome change to the usual and adds a beautiful contrast to the traditional.  Let me help you find your modern home.

Images: Dialect Design